How to Stay Fit On-The-Go

August 02, 2017

How to Stay Fit On-The-Go

How to Stay Fit On-The-Go


When travelling the world, staying in a different city for a meeting, or just generally spending time away from home, you might think it impossible to stay fit and healthy but this isn't the case. Of course, it will be harder because you don’t have the security of home and you can’t use your gym membership. However, we have some top tips for you today so you can stay fit no matter how far away from home you may be.


Choose Accommodation Carefully - Although it sounds obvious, the first piece of advice we can provide is to choose your accommodation with exercise in mind. If the budget allows, why not choose a hotel complex that includes a gym or perhaps in an area known for the many gym facilities? If you’re on a smaller budget, you could even search Airbnb for accommodation in a complex or near a gym once again. Although it won’t happen every time, you might get lucky and be a two minute walk away from gym facilities if you plan well enough.

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Carry Gym Clothes - When away from home, your schedule is likely to be a little erratic and you never really know when your free time will come during the day. Therefore, having your workout clothes with you will allow you to go for a run or visit a nearby fitness centre whenever you get a spare hour or two. If you finish a meeting and have two hours before this afternoon’s work, this gives a perfect window of opportunity to get a good session in and then cool down before getting back to work.

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Leave the Hotel Room - Judging from experience, the longer you wait  to leave the hotel room in the morning the more likely you are to stay there and just lay around. Instead, have the alarm go off early, grab your backpack (pack the night before, if necessary), water, banana, laptop, PrivacyDevil (prevent those prying eyes from seeing your laptop screen), change of clothes, and set off. From here, you have freedom to do what you wish especially if you have no work commitments for the day.

Let’s not forget, ‘staying fit’ doesn’t mean you need to have an exhausting gym session or run a marathon every time so why not take this time away from home to explore other options? For example, it could be something simple like going for a long walk. If you have work to do, stop off at a local cafe, refuel with a banana, top up your liquids with water, and pull out the laptop. Why not discover the area you’re staying in and burn some calories at the same time? As long as you leave the hotel early, you can explore the area and stay fit simultaneously.

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Cycle to Work - If you aren't a runner, why not hire a bike and explore the area on two wheels? Regardless of whether you have a day off, a meeting in an office, or can work from anywhere, you can make use of a bike whilst having fun.privacy filter


Remember Your Goals - Often, it isn't a lack of facilities around us that prevents exercise when on-the-go; instead, it’s a lack of motivation. With this in mind, bring the items you need for motivation with you whether this is pictures of your journey so far, a diary, iPod, or whatever it may be. Although it can be hard when away from home, it’s all about the mindset so find what makes you tick. For many, they like to pair exercise with another motive; for example, ‘I want to see a local landmark but I’m going to find a way to exercise along the way’. If you have another fun motive on the side, exercising won’t seem like such a chore!


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