Ideas for using PrivacyDevil Privacy Filters

May 17, 2017

PrivacyDevil Privacy filters have many uses, some innovative users have implemented PrivacyDevil Privacy Filters in the following applications;

1. Schools - PrivacyDevil is trusted by the leading schools in the nation. Computer Aided Testing (jargon for students sitting for tests on PC) is really popular, however given that screens are placed upright and in close proximity of each other, it is important to narrow the field of view to ensure tests are done independently. While it won't stop the most determined of students from cheating on tests, it does act as a significant deterrent.

2. Pharmacies - Pharmacists may need to enter certain observations and remarks when a patient is picking up their prescriptions. These may be an observation for the next pharmacists or a note for the physician. In addition certain details need to be maintained and updated regularly by authorized pharmacy staff only, hence protecting one's screen in this setting is of utmost importance and falls under HIPAA regulations.

3. Doctors, Dentists and Surgeons - Sensitive information can easily be leaked by a patient glancing at the doctor's screen. Perhaps a previous patient's data is on the screen. This could result in an HIPAA Privacy violation which results in hefty fines. In order to reduce this risk it is important to secure all screens in the medical practice with a PrivacyDevil. Not only is it a physical deterrent, but it also serves as a psychological reminder of the utmost importance of privacy in medicine. Patients have reported feeling reassured that their medical professional is acting with care and pay attention to their privacy. The halo effect of the PrivacyDevil is well known within the medical community and a reassured patient is a more cooperative, collaborative and open patient. Put your patients mind at ease by using a PrivacyDevil.

4. Banks - Client discussions and balances should remain confidential. Given the glass walls and open layout of modern banking facilities, a PrivacyDevil is vital. It restricts the viewing angle of the screen so passers by cannot see the client balances and details on exposed monitors. Ultra High Net Worth clients have reported feeling more comfortable, calm and clear-headed when their banker uses a PrivacyDevil because they aren't constantly interrupted by people passing by and glancing at the Banker's screen which may make HNI clients particularly cautious and alarmed.