PrivacyDevil - Privacy Filters: Notes for Government, Medical Professionals and Corporate Managers

July 18, 2017

PrivacyDevil - Privacy Filters: Notes for Government, Medical Professionals and Corporate Managers

95% of security breaches can be linked to human error.

Is the private information of your organization protected? Every human being is susceptible to errors. Confidential information being displayed across screens might turn out to be a weak link in an organization’s IT security. In today’s world of mobile business, it is very important to have a visual privacy plan.



Visual hackers can be anywhere, whether inside or outside the office.

Having visual privacy is a big concern both in and outside the walls of your office. How many times in a day do visitors and contractors come in and out of your office? It’s not only your employees that can view your organization’s sensitive data.


The annual cost incurred by US healthcare as a result of data breach is $5.6 billion.

The health industry is a complicated one with its own peculiar challenges. There is always pressure to maintain patient confidentiality. And a major necessity to qualify for Medicare and Medicaid incentive is safe and secure health information.


You can supplement your programs on HIPPA compliance through PrivacyDevil products.

PrivacyDevil Privacy Products provide a simple solution on how to supplement your entire compliance, along with regulations like HITECH and HIPAA Omnibus Rule Provisions. The fact that they can protect all your patient data from prying eyes means both the patients and practitioners can now have peace of mind.


The average organizational price of a breach of data in the US is $5.8 million

When you consider the media attention and awareness surrounding breaches of corporate data security, it has become imperative for your organization to pay attention to their visual privacy protection policies.


PrivacyDevil Privacy Products can help with your legislation and industry requirements.

PrivacyDevil Privacy Products can offer you visual privacy for your monitors, mobile and laptop displays, assisting you in supplementing the compliance programs of your organization to meet industry standards like the PCI Data Security Standards and the Gramm-Leach Bliley Act.


Fixing risks in finance.

Nobody appreciates the value of customer privacy like banks and financial institutions. To be able to uphold compliance laws and safeguard delicate financial information, banks and other financial institutions ought to guarantee visual privacy in certain key sectors.

Major Risk Areas

  • Public areas with high traffic and lobbies
  • Exposed office floor plans
  • ATMs areas and kiosks
  • Windows of Drive-up teller
  • Teller workspaces
  • Platform desks
  • Shared workstations
  • Offices close to windows
  • Mobile employee and executive devices



44 states intend to adopt brand new online tests in the 2016/2017 school calendar.

Laptops, monitors, and tablets are fast becoming permanent fixtures in classrooms. And it is necessary to protect every one of these devices from prying eyes. This is particularly necessary for testing facilities and computer laboratories where it is easy to look into the adjacent screen because of the close proximity of the screens.


Protect your technology investments as well as your privacy with PrivacyDevil.

With PrivacyDevil Privacy Products, you’re guaranteed protection from not only visual hackers, but you’re also protected from the rigors of daily use. They help you protect your technology investment as well as your students, and through this, they also protect the integrity of your institution.


Government agencies have reported a 650% increase in breaches of cyber security in 2017.

Viewing sensitive data across their screens is a common occurrence for government agencies. Due to the increase in cyber breaches and the prevalence of mobile use, it has become imperative to prevent breaches of visual data.


It is necessary to comply with regulations such as HITECH, HIPAA, and FISMA.

By covering your screens with PrivacyDevil Privacy Products, you can safeguard the privacy of the public’s information and shield them from the clutches of visual hackers. It can also be a bold step towards supplementing your compliance with certain regulations like HITECH, HIPPA, FISMA and lots more.


Fixing government risk areas.

Government employees in particular have a duty to be vigilant when it comes to safeguarding public information. There are certain areas that are at high risk of being visually hacked, starting from government offices and buildings, to workers out and about, to mention a few.

Major Risk Areas

  • Public areas and Lobbies
  • Kiosks
  • Exposed plans for office floors
  • Open cubicles
  • Shared workstations
  • Offices close to windows
  • High-tech testing areas
  • Computer screens of police squad cars
  • Mobile employee and executive devices