Protect Yourself from Visual Hackers

July 30, 2017

Protect Yourself from Visual Hackers

How to Avoid Visual Hacking in 2017 and Beyond






As technology becomes the norm in everybody’s lives, we go above and beyond to stay protected online. Whether it’s cybersecurity on our laptops, taking our laptop for maintenance once a year, or keeping our credit card details safe, we do all we can to prevent fraud and hacking. However, at the same time, we’re allowing the most basic form of hacking to thrive; visual hacking.






That’s right, millions of people are being hacked every single year because they leave valuable information on a laptop screen or mobile phone. Regardless of whether it’s in a coffee shop, on a bus, or anywhere else, we don’t feel compelled to stop pulling up personal and important information on our gadgets even though there are visual hackers ruining lives. With this in mind, we have some simple tips here today that should help you out.






Be Careful - Although it sounds obvious, the best tip we can provide is to be careful what you open on your laptop, tablet, and smartphone in public. Especially with the brightness up high, anyone within a certain radius can see what you’re doing. If you’re entering credit card details on a shopping website while in a coffee shop, all it takes is for somebody walking behind or sitting nearby to jot down the numbers and your account will be emptied within minutes.






If you have to do something online that involves your personal details, wait until you get home or at least sit with your back to the wall with everybody in the room in view. This way, you’re in control of the situation.






Privacy Screen - So far, we’ve discussed visual hacking in public spaces but this isn't the only place it will happen and it isn't always severe. For example, a doctor might want to stop patients from seeing what’s on their screen as well as a lawyer wishing the same. Furthermore, freelancers and travellers might have the same will to prevent strangers from seeing their laptop. In these occasions, privacy filters are a superb idea.






In case you haven't seen one before, a privacy screen, like the fantastic product offered by PrivacyDevil, comes in number of different sizes and will be fitted to the screen of your laptop. Made by utilizing special ‘black-out’ material, the only person who will see what’s on the screen is the person sat right in front of it; you. For all those sitting to the side, it’ll be impossible to see the information within and this keeps you protected both now and long into the future. With PrivacyDevil, the website even accepts Bitcoin to make things easier!






Secure Work Environment - Finally, you should be looking to secure your work environment so unauthorized individuals can’t just walk in and view important information on a computer screen. Regardless of your business, from lawyers to doctors, strangers should be kept away from all essential information otherwise you might as well leave files of important documents all over the floor for them to read. When the right protocols are in place, you keep your employees and business secure.






Summary - There we have it, visual hacking is a very real issue in 2017 and this is set to continue over the coming years. Considering it doesn’t require any expert equipment and anyone can do it, it certainly makes for worrying news…but you can take steps to prevent it by following the fantastic tips above!