Top 10 reasons Privacy Filter sales are rising

July 03, 2017

Top 10 reasons Privacy Filter sales are rising

Top Ten Reasons Privacy Filter Sales are Booming


Privacy filter sales are increasing all the time. These handy, simple to install screens limit the angles from which your screen can be viewed. This prevents your neighbor from snooping, or your coworker from reading over your shoulder. While privacy filters sometimes sound like an accessory for the paranoid, these clever screens are actually the friend of anyone using a computer. In this digital age, these are the top ten reasons privacy filter sales are booming.


  1. More people are working on the road


If you have to open the company laptop on a plane, in a diner, or in a hotel’s breakfast room, you’re going to be aware of every eye in the room. With a privacy filter, you don’t have to be. Instead of worrying that someone is going to get the scoop on what your business is planning next quarter, you can focus on that second cup of hotel coffee. Your business plan is safe.


  1. HIPAA compliance is no laughing matter


HIPAA compliance is a high standard. Every clinic and doctor’s office is subject to meeting the requirements of the stringent rules. With high fines (and major ethical concerns) for breaches in compliance, it doesn’t make any sense to take chances with patient privacy. Privacy filters may not be mandated by HIPAA, but they can definitely cut down on the opportunities for sensitive information to get out.


  1. Small spaces in call centers promote discretion


Companies are routinely putting more and more workers in one space. The rise of “open office” floor plans and shared cubicle work spaces, there are plenty of opportunities for straying eyes. Privacy filter sales reflect the need to balance small working spaces with private virtual spaces. This allows employers to maximize floor space while minimizing the compromising of data.


  1. Modern filters are highly effective


Privacy filter sales are booming because modern filters are highly effective. For example, older models occasionally had problems with adhesion. They also dimmed the screen’s appearance for people in the “view zone” that the filter offered. Thankfully, modern filters are much easier to use. They provide a clear image to someone sitting at the right angle to the screen but are opaque to those trying to snoop in from the side. Privacy filters are high-quality products filling an in-demand niche.


  1. More of our lives are on our computers


Thirty years ago, people didn’t computers the same way they do today. For example, back then you most likely wouldn’t use them for banking purposes. Today, your computer contains all of your credit card information; either on file or on the cloud. This is great when you choose between them with a click of the button. Unfortunately, this treasure trove is protected with a simple password. If someone looks on your screen, they instantly gain access to vital information such as your username and even your password. With a privacy filter in place, this isn’t a problem. No one will be able to tell that you’re in your banking software, much less when you’re typing a password or not.


  1. Cut down cheating on exams


Computer-administered exams are growing in popularity in colleges. These tests are easy for the computer to grade. In some cases, students often know their grade as soon as they submit their test. This means less work for stressed professors and eases the paper consumption of the college in question. However, it also increases the likelihood of cheating on these exams. Many professors fight this by bringing everyone into a computer lab to take their exam. Privacy filters prevent them from spying on their neighbor, and internet firewalls ensure their answers aren’t co-written by Google.


  1. Promote focus


A privacy filter lets you know when your attention is wandering. Drift too far from the center, and your computer screen turns opaque. You’ll have to get your head in the game (and at the right angle) to be able to see your screen again. This wake-up call helps you rededicate yourself to your project.


  1. It’s a simple security fix


With so much at stake, security is paramount these days. A privacy filter is one of the easiest things you can do to boost your security. While it’s not the final step in getting totally safe online, it certainly helps you get started.


  1. Provides some downtime


While some employers won’t like using a privacy screen to take a break, it could do just that. If you find that you need a mental break in the middle of work or during a lecture, a privacy screen gives you breathing room. No one can see that you looked up “dog in a tutu” for a quick laugh. Just make sure you get back to work.


  1. Word is spreading


Privacy filter sales are increasing due, partially, to word of mouth. Because privacy is becoming standard practice in most companies and industries, more people know about privacy filters. As they become more popular, the trend only continues to rise from there. When more people benefit from privacy filters, more people buy them.


Privacy filter sales are taking off as their perks come to light. From being a simple security fix to preventing cheating on exams, privacy filters help protect whatever information you have to keep safe. Whatever data you store on your computer, you want to keep it safe. At Privacy Devil, we understand your privacy needs. Check out our privacy filters today.