Why Your Next Employee Should Have Non-Profit Experience

May 19, 2017

Why Your Next Employee Should Have Non-Profit Experience

There exists a perception in for-profit corporations that those from the non-profit sector do not understand how for-profit companies work, or are not capable of leading a for profit enterprise. We must dispel this myth.

For starters, non-profits have limited budgets but the staff work just as hard, harder even, than many in the profit sector because they are motivated by a cause. Imagine having an employee that is motivated more by a goal, a cause than money? What an asset that person would make to ANY enterprise. Non-Profit 1, detractors 0.

Given the budget constraints of non-profit organizations, the employees tend to be resourceful and capable. They watch their organization's spending conscientiously and stretch every dollar to the max (For example by purchasing PrivacyDevils and using the discount code on our site). Resourcefulness 10 out of 10. Non-Profit 1, detractors 0.

Non-Profit work calls for a higher level of thinking. Employees with heartfelt experience in non-profits (charities,social employment agencies and the like) understand the greater impact of their actions on their own NGO, on the people they serve AND the society in general.

Workers from the non-profit sector understand subtleties, they can perceive non-verbal communication and take cues from a person's tone of voice, facial expressions. They often work with people who are vulnerable but want to maintain their pride, deciphering what they mean requires extremely high EQ. These skills translate directly into any field for-profit included. Non-Profits 1, detractors 0.

So there we have it. Non-Profit experience is an asset that is worth so much more than employers realize.